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Unlimited access to thousands of clients in dozens of countries. All services are supported by a team of professionals.

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We can provide one-stop service for design, production and drawing so that you can get the product quality and service you want.



We have the most advanced machines and first-class technical team to help every customer save cost with the most superior technical process.



We have advanced testing equipment to ensure that our customers get good quality products and reduce the trouble in the process of use for them.

Services we offer

CNC Milling Machining

We have 3, 4 and 5 axis CNC machines for high quality and efficient production, shortened production cycles and fast delivery.

CNC Turning Machining

We have high-speed machines with 2-axis and 3-axis CNC lathes with high precision to help our customers achieve efficient production.

Our former production cases

We have supplied our CNC machined parts to many fields, helping our customers to get the quality of parts they want. We have a first-class design team of engineers, advanced production equipment and bolting equipment, and a production plant with over 100+ machines.

What our customers say about us

"I'm not the biggest demander, but thanks to DEEMI, I've finally found an easy way to get qualified metal parts at a good pace".
Korey Torres
"DEEMI has taken my product to a new level. Their sales staff is really top notch, which is amazing considering the low cost of production and shipping!"
Terry Dennis
"Highly recommended! They have a wide variety of services and I can always find something new and interesting to suit my needs!"
Katy Gilmore